Hugh Palmer

Systemic Therapy and Practice


Post Grad Certificate Clinical Supervision for CYP-IAPT 2014

MSc Systemic Family Therapy 2007

Intermediate Course in Family Therapy 2005

Foundation Course in Family Therapy 2000

BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies (1st) 1997

K260 Death & Dying 1995

Certificate in Education (FE) 1994

Certified Practitioner of NLP 1990

Registered Mental Nurse 1988

Registered General Nurse 1983


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In Press

Palmer H. Family therapy in an inpatient CAMHS setting: Dilemmas and possibilities. (Context)

Palmer H. Working Systemically with Adoptive Families. ( Complex Trauma Journal – full version)

Palmer, H. Systemic thinking and the myth of power. (Feedback: Journal of the Family Therapy Association of Ireland)

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