Consultancy, coaching & mentoring

Sometimes, people don’t want to work on problems or difficulties – they want to do things better! The same principles of systemic therapy can be used to help improve performance of individuals, teams and businesses.

I have taught on MSc Leadership programmes, and use a mix of solution-focused and systemic ideas to inform my work with individuals, teams and organisations.

I’ve successfully worked with clients ranging from TV production companies, multi-million-pound companies, NHS Teams and schools.

In my experience, family businesses can be fraught with problems – working closely with family members can blur boundaries between work and home life, and disagreements about work can spill over into family relationships. Some family businesses can get caught up with honouring family traditions and not modernise effectively. Succession can also be a difficult time of transition for family businesses; sometimes people are reluctant to let go of the reins, sometimes deciding who is best placed to take over a certain role can lead to conflict.

Having independent, systemic and collaborative support can make a big difference.